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Our Story

Ivanna Cone opened in October 1997. It is a one of a kind, family-owned small business that operates out of a historic building called "The Creamery" In Lincoln, Nebraska's historic Haymarket district. Amy Green has been a soda jerk since 1985. She is now the "head soda jerk"/ice cream chef/paper work avoider/taster/tour guide/mom to two gorgeous inspirations. Ivanna Cone is more than a business, it is a passion for those of us who stand behind the counter and each of our customers is given an old- fashioned quality treat of ice cream and service. We are incredibly proud to be a part of an individual, unique, and fun business that is more about the product than it is about the bottom line. Our commitment to making and serving super premium ice cream is one of many stories that could be included in this section, but over the last 13 years so many stories have been created that it is impossible to encapsulate them into only a few paragraphs and our love for what Ivanna Cone does is something that we hope becomes part of your stories.